A major Car Accident Lawyer Knows Citrus County Problems

A completely knowledgeable Orange County car accident lawyer is aware with the troubling car crash statistics in the county. Roads and freeways jammed with rush-hour commuters, the increase in unlicensed and impaired drivers–all create a dangerous environment that leads to tragedy for drivers on an every day basis. Savvy car accident lawyers in the county know the county’s accident statistics and unique traffic problems can be helpful in evaluating a vehicle accident case. Orange County’s Alarming Car Accident Statistics Smart car crash lawyers know that, in , Orange county car accidents resulted in deaths and , strains.

Drivers who were impaired by drugs or alcohol killed and injured , . A total of pedestrians were killed and were injured in car collisions. Bicycle vs. motor vehicle collisions killed and injured , . And phoenix car accident attorney were killed and were injured in car crashes. Special Traffic Problems of Orange county Knowledgeable Orange County car accident lawyers are also aware of the county’s unique traffic problems.

For example, the county once again ranked number one out of the nation for worst traffic traffic jams. A major on-going traffic injury in the county has become derisively known as the “Orange Crush.” Stuck the heart of southern the county, this pretzel-work of freeways has routes–including off-ramps and on-ramps–serving a whopping , cars a period. The massive interchange, which includes lanes over bridges, has become a traffic nightmare. Here, cars, trucks and motorcyclists vie for space and endlessly weave in and out of limited access HOV High Occupancy Vehicle lanes to create an immediate bottleneck and likelihood of car accidents.

The county also suffers from having dangerous intersections. Topping the list could be the intersection at Warner Avenue and Newland Street, followed using the intersection of Warner Avenue and Springdale Street. Another problem contributing to Orange County’s high motor vehicle accident rate is cash advances of drunk drivers who populate its streets and highways. In fact, Newport Beach ranked highest in the region for alcohol-related motor vehicle collisions. Still another potentially dangerous area in the county is Laguna Canyon Road. This twisting, narrow canyon roadway has been the sight of horrific accidents possess killed many drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians over the lengthy.

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